After a long wait, SHINee will have their comeback this coming June (woohoo \o/). On June 22, their 1st ever Japanese single will be available for sale. That means we have a little less than 2 months to prepare our wallets lol. We have to help SHINee make it big.

2 things to remember for the Japan market:

  • First,  even the not-as-popular group in Korea can become much more popular in Japan than Korean-national-group (yes, I’m talking about KARA vs SNSD and even though I’m a Sone as well, I have to say KARA has much more popularity than SNSD due to various reasons), I believe SHINee has what it takes to become the top group in Japan as well so why don’t we help and support them?
  • Second, Japaneses tend to buy albums or purchase original merchandise more than any where else so you can see even though Japanese CDs or DVDs are more expensive, the sale number is still huge. The top girl group in Japan can sell over 200,000 copies in the first week. So purchasing the SHINee official CD so it can be counted on Oricon is even more important than ever. An amazing sale figure for the 1st week will only help them more.

Keep that in mind and I think we should buy/preorder all that we can to boost SHINee’s sale during the first week.

The album will come in 2 versions (It’s the norm of Japanese CDs):

  •  PREMIUM Version(Complete First Press Limited Edition)
    Specification: Luxurious Sleeve Case / Digital Package / Luxurious
    68 Pages + Bonus Trading Card
    [All 6 cards, one random card]
    3.Replay [Korean ver.]
    4.Hello [Korean ver.]DVD
    Replay Music Video
    Replay Teaser
    Replay Dance Music Video
  • Regular Edition
    44 Pages + Bonus Postcard

     1. Replay
    Replay Music Video
    Replay Teaser Replay Jacket Shooting Sketch
    Replay Music Video Shooting Sketch
  • The booklet of  the PREMIUM and the REGULAR edition are different.


So the most important infomation of this post is here, the price of CD/DVD here:

  • Deluxe Edition: $70
  • Regular Edition: $30

Shipping (standard in USA) is included in the above price.


– I  know there are other websites that you can order for almost the same price as ours but please note, we order using EMS shipping, that’s why the price is high and we can get the album within 2-5 days after the release day (according to our resources, people have had their CDs delivered the day it was supposed to be released; they’re just THAT good). Plus shipping within US of course will take less time than waiting for an international shipment so if you’re lucky, you can get the CD within 1 week after the release day. It means you will be paying for the same amount of money and get the CD FASTER.


After deadline: Because not a lot of people preordered, we only have limited stock. Please email us for price and availability.