1st SHINee photobook 달콤한 비밀(Sweet Secret)


* Doremi * QueenCy * Ho * juntoS

Configuration of the photobook

* Size : B5 (182 * 257)
* Page : 180

★ Benefits

* Transfer (first-come, first-served basis) : DVD – 30 people (Start on August 8 A.m 09:00)
* For all : Printed photos(12.7*17.8), Postcards (6 piece set)
* Random : DVD 10 people

We will get the first 30 transfers DVD because we already sent the money in for some; so the 1st three orders will get the DVD 🙂

★ Order Period: 08.08 ~ 08.25

★ Estimated Photobook shipping : 09.11.2011



The above prices are only valid during the preorder period. Prices subject to change therefore after.
The prices include shipping from us to you. (prices for standard USA shipping only. Email us for quote otherwise.)
The prices do include paypal fees if you are paying by paypal.
Again, we do accept concealed cash. Please ask us for the price if you’re paying by concealed cash.

**note: if you are in another country other than USA and Canada, please email us your country and we will give you an estimated shipping price and total. Expect the shipping price to be around 20 or 30USD.

Also, there is limited stock, so when preorder is over, that’s probably it. No second rounds.