-Specification (calendar)
1. Size : 230x320mm (same size as the official SM calendar)
2. Desk calendar
3. About 14 pages
– Special gifts
1. A1 sized poster
2. Cell phone sticker
3. Photo card
Special gift: Fancam CD

– Specification (diary)
1. Size : 120x180mm
2. All color printed
3. Monthly plan, weekly plan, note, photopage
4. About 190 pages
– Special gifts
Card case / Diary sticker / Ballpoint pen / photo card
Special gifts: Fancam CD ( It’s different with calendar’s gift)

Preorder period:

19th Sep 8p.m. ~ 29st Oct 12a.m.

EXPECTED DELIVERY: Early of December


Price for calendar + diary set: $70

Price for calendar only: $45

Price for dairy only: $45


The above prices are only valid during the preorder period. Prices subject to change therefore after.
The prices include shipping from us to you. (prices for standard USA shipping only. Email us for quote otherwise.)
The prices do include paypal fees if you are paying by paypal.
Again, we do accept concealed cash. Please ask us for the price if you’re paying by concealed cash.