Hey everyone,

So this is to update whoever is interested on what we have currently in stock:

OnlyOnew DVD set: 3 left
Ontaemnew photobook and DVD set:  1 set and 1 photobook only left.
OIAM photobook (Jonghyun): 11 left
Pleasex3 photobook + DVD Set : 2 left
Cosmicaa photobook + DVD set: 1 left Taemin only! SOLD
Keyx3 photobook: 7 left
Keytime DVD: only 1 left! SOLD
KeyAndU photobook and DVD: 7 left
Japanese replay album: only 1 regular, 2 premium left
Japanese Juliette album : 1 of each version left
Japanese Lucifer album: 2 Ver. B and 1 Ver. C
Japanese “The First” album: 1 box version and 1 regular

There might be one left of Humming photobook (up for grabs :), anyone who is interested, please email shineestore (at) gmail (dot) com

Again, if you would like to order anything, please fill out the order form found here and email it to the email address above. The prices for some are not listed but feel free to email us and we will get back to you within two days but a week at the latest.

I will update this every so often so keep your eyes peeled ^^ Thanks!!

(updated 4/13/2012 5/4/2012 5/25/2012)