• We are two Shawols who live on opposite ends of the USA. We coincidentally meet during our quest of searching for SHINee merchandise and just quickly realize that we can save money from bundling orders together. After many emails to and fro, we become friends and built up our trust. In fact, we haven’t seen each other faces yet, lol, BUT we trust each other enough to send money as a GIFT.

  • We understand that as an overseas customer of Kpop merchandises, we have been charged like crazy for the shipping from Korea to the US. Opening this store is a way for us to unite Kpop fans that are currently living across the US. We can help each other out from saving more money and spreading the love of our favorite groups.

  • The more people who buy, the cheaper the shipping will get so we can save money to buy more. We will try to make our prices reasonable. We are college students also so we know what the definition of a broke college student is. Or if you’re not in college yet, we know what it’s like to be broke–period.

  • SHINeeStore is for Shawols in the US and we will help SHINee in their world domination.