Putting in an order or asking prices:
Please fill out an order form (or just the name of item, your name, and state/country if asking for price) and email it to us. (Email is listed at the end of this entry). If you want faster shipping or extra services, there will be an additional charge.

We accept Paypal as well as concealed cash. We can also do bank transfers if necessary. Please note, for concealed cash, make sure it is very well hidden because we take no responsibility in any losses. For Paypal users, all paypal charges will be additionally included in your total unless otherwise stated. (We mostly have our prices with the paypal fees included, but in case we don’t, the entry will say that paypal fees are not included.)

Handling time:

We will ship out your IN-STOCK order within 48 hours after receiving notice of payment. (excluding weekends and holidays)

For pre-order items, especially fansite/fangoods, we usually will receive them 2 weeks – a month after the deadline.

Please understand that fansites ALWAYS delay their shipments since they are ALWAYS behind their schedule. Be patient if you want to receive the DVD sets or photobooks.

We will ship out immediately after receiving the goodies. An email will be sent to inform everyone periodically about the process.

Ordering Process:
1. Send us your order form (located under “Pages” on the right sidebar OR on the top of the page OR click this link) to

SHINeestore (at)

2. We will confirm your order.

3. Delivery:

– For in-stock items, we send out your order immediately after receiving payment.

– For pre-order items, we will keep in close touch with everyone to update you on your order.

All proper communication will be done by email and payment must be sent in after the order is confirmed.

We will send email to confirm the payment so please be careful to put the right email address.

Returned Package:

In case of unclaimed or returned package, we will keep the order for 30 days. Please contact us immediately if you think your order has been returned.

Lost/Damaged package:

We try our best to pack all items in the safest way possible but if things happens beyond our control, we are sorry but we cannot refund money back. We hold no responsibility in shipping service.

This is why if you want to ensure your order arrive in perfect condition, insurance is there. Insurance isn’t too expensive like most of us think it is. Please email us to ask about it. (Insurance is better for overseas)


1. We mostly ship within US (and Canada*). We do offer to ship overseas but please keep in mind that shipping overseas is very expensive in America. Shipping from Korea to Asia/Europe (or your country) will probably be much cheaper than Korea to US and then to you.

*different shipping charges will apply. Please email us for more details.

2. We offer shipping either by Media Mail or Priority Flat rate, whichever is the cheapest and safest to ship. Both come with tracking numbers, if requested. Faster and different options for shipping is available, but prices will vary dramatically.

3. Insurance will be available upon request. Please contact us or place the request on the order form under “shipping fee”.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions. We will get back to you within two days.